This Week My “Real Life” Has Been Really Cool.

I’ve rewritten this first sentence several times, and I can’t figure out the best way to say that I love my life. And I love Utah County. And I love that Utah Valley Magazine is a way for me to be inspired by others who love their lives and Utah County. Today, I met Devin Durrant. In a blog post earlier this year, I made a “note to self” to write about the basketball phenom — and today he came in for an interview and photo shoot. My husband, Matt, grew up watching Devin’s moves on the court and listening to George Durrant’s stories as he fell asleep. It’s always cool when your heroes exceed your expectations when you meet them in real life. And father-son combo George and Devin have both done that for me! Speaking of “Real Life,” yesterday I was THE FIRST to hear a brand new song with that title (or at least that’s what Michael McLean told me). There, I said it. Michael McLean is going to be on our Christmas cover. Perfect, right? Between “Mr Krueger’s Christmas” and “Forgotten Carols,” this man is practically the little drummer boy. Here’s a sneak peek at the photo setup at the McLean home.  MaryLyn Linge was dangling out the back door to get the perfect angle for the piano and Christmas tree. My laptop was open on the table because Michael kept spouting quotables as we tried out different poses and scarves while listening to Michael Buble.

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