Cover to Cover and Coast to Coast

When the magazine business gets tough, the tough go to Hawaii. With a few hundred thousand frequent flier miles under our glossy, 4-color belts (mostly from charging various printing projects to our American Express cards), we packed our carry-ons with snorkel gear and Lime Ricki swimsuits and headed out over the Pacific. But before Matt and I earned our first frequent flier mile, we started Bennett Communications by selling subscriptions to our educational newsletters in 1998. It became our full-time livelihood in 2000 when we partnered with Kendall and Roxanne Bennett to sell ads and get Utah Valley Magazine off the ground. Ten years later, we still enjoy spending time together.

Here’s the Hawaii group minus Matt (his hands were dry enough to snap this pic at Hanauma Bay).

We managed to limit our “work talk” to the morning when we all checked our e-mails, swapped information and made decisions about our Nov/Dec issue of Utah Valley Magazine, which was still in the works back in Orem. But mostly, we tried to stay on Aleutian Standard Time (4 hours earlier than Utah time).

I have new respect for Tarzan after trying to swing on this vine at the Honolulu LDS Tabernacle on Waikiki. Ouch!

Unfortunately, Honolulu already has a magazine so we hauled our publishing skills home yesterday. Now we’re sharing chocolate-covered macadamia nuts with our staff and trying to swing our way through our inboxes.

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