It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas — and Pioneers

Our Nov/Dec issue of Utah Valley Magazine will go to the printer in less than two weeks, so naturally we took our staff Christmas pic yesterday when the high was 69 in sunny Orem. I sent out a reminder text on Sunday night to wear black, denim and red accents. What did we do before texting? I’ll tell you what we did. We LOLed when someone showed up in bright blue for our staff Christmas photo shoot a few years ago — a mistake that cost us two hours in Photoshop. That sales rep no longer works with us (not necessarily because of the blue shirt incident). This year, everyone followed the dress code so well that we looked like the staff of Suggestions Salon or Remedez. Bang trim, anyone? As we finished setting up the lights, our gregarious writers, designers and ad reps swapped stories from the weekend, including a sighting of one of the “Sister Wives” coming out of Victoria’s Secret.

I love it that Matt takes charge of the chaos that is the staff photo. He brought our garland from home to add holiday cheer to this Christmas card pic.
Kendall (my cool bro-in-law) says he was blinded by the flash. We think he’s showing us his ’70s dance moves (he is the senior member of the staff).
Who says working with your spouse is difficult? Kendall and Roxanne show a little love. Apparently Alison doesn’t approve.
This pic WON’T be on our Christmas card. We were attempting to do the “pioneer pose” with straight faces. Some pulled it off better than others.

Ironically, the “soundtrack” to this photo was baby Addison screaming at the top of her lungs while rocking her car seat next to the tripod. She wanted her mom, Kristy (seated on the far left), to pick her up NOW. Poor thing. This felt like the opposite of Christmas Day to her.In the end, we got a great shot that will be coming to a mailbox near you — if you are one of our clients or colleagues.And now we’ll jingle our way back to our regularly scheduled fall weather and clothing while we wrap up our Christmas issue. Ho, Ho, Ho will be over for us before Ha, Ha, Halloween. Maybe I’ll put my black clothes back on and call it a hair stylist costume.

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