A Peek at My Week

Other than a giant gash to the forehead I sustained on Sunday while sustaining my church leaders, I could do Oct. 3-Oct. 8 again. With my birthday, a festive Christmas interview, 7th grade football victory, staff lunch at Malawi’s and pleasant parent-teacher conferences, this would be a good Groundhog’s Week (repeat, repeat, repeat). But first, the gash. Last weekend was General Conference, which means two days of church on TV. Which means I don’t have to play the organ OR create a weekly bulletin. It’s fantastic. But it’s also sleep-inducing. So I decided to listen while I cleaned out the cupboards, including the too-crowded-to-be-useful recipe cupboard above the fridge. I was up, down and all around while I pawed through each recipe book and magazine scrap. I finally came to terms that I do not use the Lions Club Cookbook from the early 1990s and buried it in the trash. Then I leaped back up on the stool and stood straight up into the open cupboard door. The blunt force left me with a Harry Potter-sized scar on my forehead and a headache the size of a groundhog.

The day after the gash, we had lunch at Marley’s in Lindon so we could use our soon-to-be-expired coupons for free sliders. I chose salmon. Yum!! (My head is still throbbing, but the Advil is helping out.)

Once we got the bleeding to stop, the week picked up. I turned 36.

My staff surprised me with a birthday cake. My favorite part of this pic is Dave — he’s in the doorway wearing a hard hat. I had told the staff they didn’t need to buy me gifts because my “love language” was acts of service. He served me by removing the hat, which has been hiding in the top of my cupboard for years. (Think recipe books.)

\r\nI also did the interview for our Christmas cover of Utah Valley Magazine on my birthday. Ready for another clue on this mystery man? He has a new Christmas book coming out, but you wouldn’t necessarily think of him as an author. Any guesses?As a magazine staff, we had lunch at Malawi’s on Wednesday in the Shops at Riverwoods (old Magleby’s location). Our tastebuds like to visit our advertisers, and this will be the first of many visits to this pizza/pasta heaven. The Santa Fe pizza was like Cafe Rio on a perfect crust. I ate the whole thing. This diet is not going well so far.

Briana (plus baby), Kate and Whitney shared their Malawi’s entrees on their side of the table.
Trish, Greg and Kendall did not share their entrees on their side of the table.
Roxanne and Alison realized they knew the waiter. Our sales staff has friends all over town.

I ended the week with a lunchtime speech at the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce where I shared what I’ve learned about leadership in the past 10 years as owner/editor of Utah Valley Magazine.

At the luncheon, Veronica Chapman of Pro Digital Photos was given an award. She advertises in Utah Valley Magazine and Utah Valley Bride. Great lady! Great business!

This post feels long. Like a week long. So I’ll finish by saying I hope I wake up tomorrow and find myself at the beginning of this week again. (My diet is telling me otherwise … did you see how many times we ate out?)

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