Tried and Texted

Christmas might seem like it’s over the river and through the three-months-away woods to you, but in the magazine business the holidays are over before they even start. For us, Christmastime is September through mid-October. Which is why I’ve been PANICKING about the Christmas cover of Utah Valley Magazine. It’s been a calendar conundrum of a summer/fall, and up until this week the only effort I had put toward the Christmas cover was to stress about it. But today while having a celebratory lunch at Emmett’s and Ethel’s in Lehi, I exchanged texts with the PERFECT Christmas cover subject.He (there’s your first clue — it’s a MAN) said he’d be happy to take my call and schedule the interview. What a gift! But Lehi High and Westlake High were having a healthy rivalry in the surrounding booths, so it didn’t seem like the perfect setting for an important call regarding a festive photo and interview about figgy pudding. Plus, I wanted to enjoy the fish platter and “Peach Bomb” while I gathered my thoughts.

With fried peaches dripped in caramel, the Peach Bomb is the ultimate “healthy” dessert. We’ve written about it in Utah Valley Magazine and MainStreet Magazine, and I had never tasted it for myself. And since I started a new diet this morning, today seemed like the perfect day to give it a try.

So, I delayed the Christmas phone call and laughed at my co-workers while we ate and retold stories of the BC (Bennett Communications). Today was Dave Blackhurst’s seven-year anniversary of being the art director for our magazines.

Dave, the most patient man on the planet, is in the middle. (He’ll move things a little left, a little right, all day long if I ask him to. And I have.) Matt, my main man and business partner, is on the left. Greg, my bro-in-law and eight-year BC veteran, is on the right. I was his yearbook editor when we were in junior high. He once passed me a note in the hall. True story.

Over our fries and milkshakes, we relived the days when four of us shared one small office. We laughed about the delivery man who asked to use our bathroom and then left the door open while he took care of business. And we patted ourselves on the back that the most PG-13 day at BC was when Dave s-p-e-l-l-e-d out a swear word after he lost a big magazine file. It was loud. And funny. And mildly offensive to our BYU-grad ears (he’s the only non-Cougar in the editorial/art department).

Leah Aldous and Kate Lehnhof are relatively new to our company, but they still giggled at the stories of yesteryear. Kate and I have made a few memories of our own doing interviews in Phoenix and Newport Beach. Think “poetry” on speaker phone.

After the last slurp, we headed back to our Orem office. I called Mr. Christmas, who invited me to his house on Tuesday — which happens to be my birthday.I have a feeling more magazine memories are just over the river and through the woods — which is exactly where I’m going for the interview (yet another cover clue. I’m practically giving it away).

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