Board Not Bored

A few years ago we formed a board for BusinessQ Magazine, which means we have 6-8 community leaders who give us feedback and focus at a quarterly lunch at Chef’s Table. And “quarterly” came today. So Briana Stewart (managing editor) and I shuffled off to Chef’s Table, where I ordered the Nut-Crusted Halibut and she ordered the Beef Tenderloin Medallions. (I’m not even sure why we open the menu.) The meeting goes something like this. Michael Krieger (a top-notch attorney with Kirton & McConkie pictured above) updates us on his race schedule. This weekend he’ll be running the St. George Marathon. He’s such a die-hard that he once ran a marathon on a stress fracture — boot and all. (As a fellow stress fracturee, I salute him.) He gives me fitness advice and motivation. BusinessQ Ad Manager Roxanne Bennett (right) is the life of the meeting. She uses the silverware to demonstrate some of her latest collisions and run-ins with the law (they’re minor, don’t worry). She’s going to Orem’s traffic school tonight and Salem’s next month. I am certain (well, not CERTAIN) these classes will change her driving habits if she will refrain from trying to sell ads to other people in the class or calling/texting/e-mailing clients while the officer is droning on. Then Kara Schneck (Nu Skin) entertains us with stories of being a working woman. Her daughter recently asked her why she has to be a working mom. Then in a crowded Nordstrom dressing room, this same daughter asked her why she can’t be a workout mom. Kara replied with, “Right now I’m working on getting this zipper up!!” Jarrod Hunt (right) is a commercial real estate genius with Commerce. Today he taunted us with an “activity” he wanted to share, but it had to wait till the end of the meeting. This was just too much excitement, so we cut off our BusinessQ discussions early. He brought out his friend’s delicious toffee in prototype packaging, along with a quiz he wanted us to fill out about the toffee’s taste, texture and packaging. Look for Canterbury Toffee in a specialty shop near you. (I gave it top scores for taste!) Chris Finken (Orange Soda) is the “board clown” with his straight-faced wit and latest burger escapades, which he chronicles in Apparently, Chubby’s in Pleasant Grove makes a serious burger — and has a Chubby Challenge to prove it. If I wasn’t already full of halibut, I would have stopped by on my way home.At today’s table, we were missing Jeff Rust, who is the co-owner of Corporate Alliance and the nicest guy in town. We also had an empty spot for Christopher Liechty, who is the marketing whiz at Bank of American Fork. He was at a banking conference today, which I’m SURE wasn’t as entertaining as this board meeting. Did I mention that Chris also gave us Orange Soda hacky sacks and an orange lid to put on unfinished cans of soda? (You can see the orange lid in the picture.) The pop drinkers at the table said they had never met a can of pop they couldn’t finish, but this lid might come in handy as a mini-frisbee or as a pop saver on the second or third can of soda in one sitting.With board meetings like this, you know why BusinessQ is the No. 1 magazine in the state. (It really is! Just ask the Society of Professional Journalists Utah Chapter). Our BusinessQ board is fantastically fun, tasty and interactive. And we DID manage to brainstorm women in the business community to feature in our winter issue. I can’t wait for the next board meeting. I’m going to have some sweet hacky sack moves by then.NOT PICTURED: The MOST important person of all — Briana Hallstrom Stewart. She is the managing editor of BusinessQ and the most fantastic writer this side of anywhere. That woman makes words dance. She’s also one of my best friends. Which is why I didn’t post the only picture I took of her today. Sometimes iPhone pictures from one foot away aren’t meant to be shared — even among board friends.

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