Every SINGLE Reason

My solo trip to D.C. is coming in for a landing. Everything went as planned — Ashley (one of our magazine editors) got married and all of the events were beautiful.

In between wedding festivities, I made my way to Mount Vernon and took this self-portrait.I also wrote several articles. I slept soundly. And I missed my family. Being alone gave me time to think, think, think. And I think I won’t travel alone again anytime soon. It’s difficult being the driver, navigator, conversationalist, decision-maker, entertainer and disciplinarian all at once. Need proof? Exhibit A: When I picked up the rental car at midnight just outside Dulles, the Avis representative told me to take a left, another left and then get on 267 heading east. I nodded my head in appreciation. Then when I got on 267, it dawned on me that he didn’t ask where I was going. And I wasn’t going east. If my husband had been there, I doubt Mr. Avis would have pulled this shenanigan. Exhibit B: I’ll admit it. I talked to myself a little bit here and there. “You need to anticipate those exits quicker.” “Don’t you think I know that?” “You are a magnet for toll roads, woman!” “You try following the blue dot on this iPhone and driving at the same time!” Exhibit C: When I got back to Dulles for the return flight on Sunday, I may have tried to check-in at the American Airline kiosk. I may be flying Delta. Exhibit D: I figured the big perk to traveling alone was being able to pick where to eat. No Wendy’s this trip, I declared! But then I ended up going through the Taco Bell drive-in for one dinner and snatching a banana from a gas station for another meal (and by snatching, I mean paying for the overpriced, over-ripe fruit with a credit card). Other than the wedding food (which was DELICIOUS), I survived on very little. I may have lost enough weight to save American (I mean Delta) a little jet fuel on the way back. Exhibit E: I didn’t turn on a TV or radio the entire time I was gone. Now that WAS a perk of flying solo. I have no idea what Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan did this weekend, and I don’t feel the teensiest bit left out. (I did text Matt to find out if BYU won. They didn’t. And I only spent about 5 seconds worrying about that four-hour game. Talk about efficient use of media.) So this brings to a close this blog post and my cross-country think-a-thon. I’m so glad I was able to be part of Ashley’s wedding and visit the East Coast. And now I can’t wait to be Matt’s navigator as he drives (he LOVES that) and go eat at Wendy’s with my family!

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