Firsts and Not Firsts

My favorite part of being a magazine editor is interviewing people. I ask questions, and people open up. Sometimes we cry. Usually we laugh. Once a quarter, I host a roundtable for our BusinessQ Magazine. Most of the time, I’m the only woman in the room.

I interviewed five suits today.

At this quarterly roundtable we talked health care. We talked insurance. And we talked consumerism. It was a deep conversation, and you can read all about it — and by that I mean half of it — in the next issue of BusinessQ. While I was doing my umpteenth roundtable, two of my kids were facing a “first.”

Nathan started junior high. Yep, he’s a sev-y.

Nathan was nervous about opening his locker, whether he should take his PE clothes on the first day and how he would know which bus to get on when the last bell rang. Lindsey, on the other hand, got front-door valet service to her first day of kindergarten.

Lindsey insisted on a lunchbox that barely holds enough food to keep a fly alive. Good thing this head-tilter is tiny.

Today is my 3,650th day as editor of Utah Valley Magazine. So around the dinner table tonight (if we manage to gather), I’ll let the “first days” do the talking. I still have my listening ears on from this morning’s roundtable.

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