First Person to See Someone They Know

Matt and I like to play a game when we go to the mall, Costco or Disneyland. The first person to see someone they know is the winner. We have to know the person’s name — and be willing to say hello. Last night, I attended the Discovery Gala at Thanksgiving Point, and I won the game in the parking lot (of course, Matt was home being the parent so he wasn’t much competition). Dave Young, financial planner who owns Paragon, pulled up next to me. He has frequently written investment columns for our Utah Valley Magazine and BusinessQ. He’s a smart man who looks even smarter in a Hawaiian shirt. Then Debbie Flynn registered me and gave me my bid number. Debbie is a beautiful and generous community volunteer and entrepreneur — we’re more than Facebook friends! Throughout the night I saw other friendly faces — Mary Crafts (top caterer in the state and our restaurant reviewer for UVMag), Curtis Bennett (big wig at OC Tanner and no relation), Cynthia Gambill (owner of Remedez), Kevin Gallagher (the voice of every auction at Utah County events), Tim Branscomb (owner of Sierra West). I could go on but you might think I’m bragging when I’ve already won the game. Utah Valley’s inner circle of generosity shows up at gala after gala. As a member of the media, we dangle on the outside with a camera hanging around our necks. But it’s a small price to pay to have a back-row seat to the best of Utah County.

The Barn at Thanksgiving Point was transformed to a tropical paradise for the Discovery Gala.

Later today, we’re headed to Lagoon with the fam. We promised to take the kids before school starts, and being the deadline-driven journalists that we are, we waited until the last possible day! (We’re walking out on the Utah Valley Magazine deadline to meet the “Lagoon promise” deadline. Don’t worry, staff! We will be checking e-mail in between rides!) I’m planning to beat Matt at the “First Person to See Someone” match at Lagoon. Game on!

Last year, Lindsey and I giggled our way through Odyssey. Can’t wait to give it a whirl today while I look for people I know!

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