Big River, Big Thank You!

As we near our 10th anniversary for the birth of Utah Valley Magazine, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I even looked through our 2000 and 2001 issues today. Other than being horrified by a few layouts, I’m proud of our early days. And I’m incredibly grateful for our advertising clients. Thirty-seven companies bought ads in our first issue without even seeing a prototype. What were they thinking? Um, I mean … these companies had vision and foresight. Last Thursday, we invited some of our top clients to Sundance to watch “Big River” in the outdoor theater. It was one small way of saying thanks to those companies who see us as their marketing partner and allow us the privilege of writing about Utah Valley!

My daughter, Hailey, (left) and our office manager, Whitney, greeted our clients at the Bennett Communications table at Sundance. Who wouldn’t be excited to see these two friendly faces?

Thanks to all of the businesses and subscribers who make Utah Valley Magazine possible! You’ve given us 10 years of business bliss.

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