Ten years ago this month, we nervously sent our FIRST issue of Utah Valley Magazine to the printer. We were clueless about what was around the publishing corner. We anticipated writing stories, organizing photo shoots and opening letters to the editor that praised our last issue. All of that has come true. But there’s been oh-so-much-more. We’ve seen our fair share of sticky business issues — collections calls, credit merchant woes and break-ins (two, to be exact — now we have a serious security system so don’t mess with us). We’ve had a few unkind letters (primarily surrounding the “Nedra” issue, but we won’t go there — I don’t feel like sorting through 139 more letters to the editor just yet.) But mostly, we feel lucky to feature the unbelievable people, scenery, events and businesses that call Utah Valley home. We’ve had the time of our lives, and we hope we’ve given our readers plenty of reasons to smile, rethink a topic or sit down and write a letter to the editor (keep it kind, keep it kind). One of the most common comments from our readers is that they love our annual lookalike contest. We deliver a new batch every September, and this year we have nine people who will have you doing a double take. A couple of years ago, I used my own lookalike photo for my editor’s letter.

Jeanette Bennett aka ?????

Can you guess who I look like? The answer is in our Sept/Oct 2008 issue. The new lookalikes are much closer matches to their celebrity doubles than I was. The lookalikes and the rest of the 10th anniversary issue will come to a mailbox (or newsstand) near you the first week of September. Until then, I’ll be checking my mailbox for more fan mail — and setting our security system.

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