What the Boss Does on Holidays

You might think — like I used to — that business owners take lots of days off while they soak up the sun and count their money. We are not those business owners.Our office was closed for Pioneer Day, but all that meant for me and Matt was that we had to answer our own phones. But I’m not complaining. I plan to soak up some sun and count my money (won’t take long) in October (we booked frequent-flier flights to Hawaii just today!!).Having the office closed gave our kids a chance to take out garbages and clean windows without anyone around. It’s how they earn their allowance (I told you we were cheapskates).

Nathan is a great worker and leader. Carson spent most of the time working on his hairdo — but not his modeling skills. Should they be forced to split the janitor money 50/50? Nathan said no.
Lindsey was assigned “dusting,” but she was mostly fascinated with how the Lysol wipes stick to the glass. (Matt is hard at work in the background, and if you look closely you’ll see mockups of the next cover of Utah Valley Magazine taped to the glass.)


Yes, our Pioneer Day celebration was unique — we did our own trek by getting a 76-page draft ready for Isagenix, one of our custom publishing clients. Do you like the giant tape in the foreground? Nathan took this shot. We pay him for his janitorial skills — not his photography.


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