‘Summer Lovin’

Four kids and a business does not a calm summer make. But our work-hard, play-hard mantra is going full-speed. This past weekend we went to Southern Utah to visit two of our advertisers — Tuacahn and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. We saw “Tarzan” and “Price and Prejudice.” I stand behind what we’ve written in Utah Valley Magazine — both events are worth a jaunt down I-15.

The Tuacahn facility is amazing — even when it’s 110 in the shade. (Can you spot the head-tilter? When a camera comes out, her neck gives way.)

After loving St. George and vowing to move there when we retire, we headed to Cedar City for “Pride and Prejudice.” The main characters are Bennetts, but that’s not why I loved the play. It was hilarious and well-costumed! Even my 12-year-old boy — who noticed he was the only one of his kind in the theater — enjoyed the show. Just don’t ask him to put that in writing.

Nathan and Hailey ponder the love triangles in “Pride and Prejudice.” Or are they looking for bats? We saw them at Tuacahn, but I doubt this indoor posh theater has flying critters.

Hopefully Tuacahn and the Utah Shakespearean Festival will be clients of ours for years to come — because I want to keep coming for years! I love it when we combine work and play and the kids don’t notice the work part.Today, I was working on a project in my home office while Lindsey created a masterpiece.

Lindsey painted a “purple brain,” a yellow sunshine and several handprints with her fingerpaint. I toggled between two computers as I edited the next issue of MainStreet Magazine and Prosper Magazine. It’s a no make-up day — hence, the backside.

In this case, I was working hard and she was playing hard. Hopefully that still fulfills our summer mantra.

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