Child Labor?

Growing up with “publishing parents” has its ups and downs. Just ask my four kiddos.The ups? Going to Hale Center Theater to see Audra McDonald and Will Swenson perform in “110 In the Shade.” (Audra is our cover girl for the July/August issue of Utah Valley Magazine. We told readers it would be amazing. I love it when we’re right!)

Hailey sat with us on the front row of “110 In The Shade.” AND she got Tic Tacs and root beer at intermission. Lucky girl.

But the “Hale high” ended for Hailey at 8:30 this morning — the appointed time for magazine delivery. Nathan and Hailey are our official hander-outers of Utah Valley Bride Magazine. A few times a year we leave copies on the doorsteps of women’s housing units near BYU. Today is the day we’ll get girls a-flutterin’ as they look at the gorgeous gowns and fragrant flowers dotting the pages of our Bride magazine.

Nathan and Hailey unload and deliver copies of Utah Valley Bride Magazine.
Delivering to the Riviera in Provo.

But the payout doesn’t just come in front-row play tickets. Hailey also got some advice about where to live in about 10 years!

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