Looks Like We Made It

Barry Manilow said it best. Looks like we made it.

After 24 hours of traveling mayhem, we were reunited in Chicago.

Yes, we both missed our flight on Thursday and then waited (impatiently) for the next plane to the windy city. Only one spot opened up, and so I flew off while Matt went home and spent another night with the kids. Then he got up with the sunrise and headed to the airport Friday morning for another try. He was able to get on a direct flight to Chicago, but it was delayed two hours, of course. When he finally landed, Matt started texting me from the taxi.Matt: Cab driver says this is the worst traffic he’s ever seen.Matt: I’m getting sick from the stop-and-go.Matt: Driver says it’s never taken him more than 40 minutes to get downtown.I didn’t have time to respond because I was doing both of our jobs at the conference.Eventually Matt made it and we had a quick hug in the hallway before we both got busy. We did about 20 interviews and photo shoots at the For Every Home convention (awesome fragrance company based in Utah).

Puerto Rico’s Dennisse Durand is the top For Every Home consultant, and she gave a great interview about how being in this candle company has changed her life — and her wheels. Congrats, Dennisse!
Here’s a sneak peak at the cover photo for the next issue of Celebrating Women Magazine. These 3 beautiful women sell some serious candles!

And when it was time to leave for the airport to go back to Utah, we left 2.5 hours early — and that was 5 a.m. Chicago time! Not a relaxing trip, but we learned our lesson on punctuality (maybe my parents were on to something after all).

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