Thank You, Arnold Friberg

Being the owners of Utah Valley Magazine means a lot of things (thousands of e-mails, big printing bills and meeting the Osmonds). But one of my favorite aspects is getting invited to community events such as the SCERA’s Star Awards. This is an annual gala where local artists are honored for their brush strokes, vocal chords and volunteer hours.In February 2009, Matt and I attend the Star Awards, where we ate dinner at a table with Alan and Karen Ashton. Love them. I also met Kurt Bestor and asked him for an interview, which ended up being our Nov/Dec cover story for Utah Valley Magazine.But perhaps the best part was meeting Arnold Friberg, who is best known for his patriotic and religious oil paintings. After receiving his Lifetime Achievement honor, he spoke eloquently and passionately — especially for someone in his mid-90s.Today, he passed away at age 96. Thank you, Arnold, for using your talent to paint “The Prayer at Valley Forge,” which hangs in the office Matt and I share together. It reminds us where true leaders get their inspiration.

Matt and I met Arnold Friberg at the SCERA’s Star Awards in 2009.


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