Half Day in the Life

6 a.m. Wake up. Notice there are two kids in my bed. And a husband. 6:43  a.m. Leave for the office. Wave to the friendly walkers in the neighborhood. 7 a.m. Arrive at the office. Prepare for staff meeting. Answer e-mails — including one telling me I misidentified an aerial shot of Utah County (page 97). Turns out there is a difference between Springville High School and Maple Mountain High School. Hard to tell from a helicopter. 9 a.m. Staff meeting. We discuss our plans for Utah Valley Magazine and BusinessQ. We also pass around pics of the fiance of Ashley, a well-loved former employee. Facebook, sweet Facebook.

(Staff meeting at Bennett Communications.)

10:15 a.m. Leave the office to go home and grab my son for the Travis Hansen Basketball camp.10:35 a.m. Leave my neighborhood with a van full of basketball campers.10:50 a.m. Arrive at the Travis Hansen camp and look for my daughter, her friend and two cousins who are finishing the 9 a.m. session. Camp ends a bit late thanks to a great talk by Devin Durrant (note to self: write about him someday). Now we are cutting it close to be home in time for the next to-do.

Boys and girls (but mostly boys) listening to the awesome Travis Hansen and the also-awesome Devin Durrant at the Travis Hansen Basketball Camp.

11:10 a.m. Leave the camp in a hurry. Travis Hansen stops me and says, “Hey, you are famous! You do that awesome magazine!” I didn’t expect him (a somebody) to recognize me (practically a nobody). We chat. Now we’re even later, but it’s worth it to talk to Travis (note to self: good job writing about him and his wife a couple years ago).11:30 a.m. Get back home JUST in time for Hailey to get picked up for play practice at Hale Center Theater and just PAST time for me to jump on a conference call with Isagenix, a Phoenix-based company we’re featuring in the next issue of Prosper. 11:45 a.m. Put the conference call on mute so I can tell Carson not to worry. The dog will come back when he wants to.12:05 p.m. Head to Kohler’s for dry ice. Carson has a science experiment in mind, and it must be done today. Apparently, I promised.

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